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Soon after we created Bacon Salt, we received an email. The subject of the message was “Marine Loves Bacon,” and the author – a Corporal in the US Marine Corps – detailed some horrible conditions that no person should have to endure – life without bacon.

I’m currently stated on a small Army forward operating post in the western part of the Al-Anbar province in Iraq with a detachment of about 60 Marines. I’m sorry to report, however, that although there are many amenities provided for us, regular access to bacon is not one of them.

So we sponsored a little Bacon Salt barbecue for his detachment. The soldier sent us this in response:


Gentlemen, We received your gracious gift of bacon salt today, and I must say it is well beyond my expectations. I have attached a few photos of myself and fellow Devil Dogs chowing down on some Bacon Salt flavored popcorn. It is my intention to never be without a bottle of such a fine deliciousness as this, regardless of meal or location. The smell and taste of bacon can make any unrecognizable, chowhall meal taste as good as the Last Supper. Once again, thank you and well done.


Since then, we’ve shipped Bacon Salt to dozens of soldiers stationed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, on aircraft carriers and in Apache helicopters. While we don’t have the resources yet to send Bacon Salt to everyone stationed overseas, we plan on sponsoring one group of soldiers per month until our troops come home.

In the meantime, we thought we’d put up this website as a reminder that there are people out there who are putting their lives on the line far away from home who could use your support.


If you are in the military, please send us your military address and we will send you a bottle of bacon salt on the house.

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