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Today’s episode of things that you can’t unsee is sponsored by Google’s DeepDream neural network. If you haven’t heard of this yet, it turns images into psychedelic, often nightmarish, hallucinations that approximate what it’s like to trip on mushrooms and watch Battlefield Earth 1,000 times in a row with your eyelids taped open.

We were wondering what would happen if something awesome like bacon was fed into DeepDream. Would it turn into something beautiful? Or would we see pigs with eyeballs for nipples giving birth to Judy Garland? The answer is so much worse than we ever imagined.

Here is the original image we uploaded:

Meaty, stripy deliciousness. Makes you want a BLT, right? Then we uploaded it into DeepDream.

We give you: the bacon of our nightmares. It’s bacon that wants to eat your soul.

Maybe some things aren’t meant to be seen – trust us when we say you should probably sleep with a night light tonight. And hey – science. We love you and all you’ve done for the world, but if you are even thinking about merging together 3-D printing, Artificial Intelligence and genetic engineering in a way that could make this actually come to life, please STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

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