A long time ago, a bartender/borderline health nut combined vodka and tomato juice. "Not good enough!" said another. "Let us add Worcestershire, horseradish, celery, hot sauce and lemon juice." And that's how a revolution in drinking yourself silly at 7am was born.


And now it's our turn to start a "Bacon Salt Bloody Mary" revolution. We teamed up with our mixologist friends at Demitri's, makers of the best Bloody Mary mixes this side of either ocean, to bring you a mix of premium sea salts, Natural Bacon Salt and a top-secret, heavily guarded blend of herbs and spices. It's smoky, it's savory, and a little sweet and spicy. It's also just coarse enough to stick to your glass while you're downing that morning vodka and tomato treat. 


We don't think you'll want a Bloody Mary any other way again! Be sure to ask for Demitri's and Bacon Salt Bloody Mary's by name at your favorite bars and restaurants, and in the meantime be the envy of all of your bacon-loving friends.

Bacon Salt Bloody Mary Rim Shot

SKU: B-1059