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Putting your customer first is key. The best and brightest leaders in any organization share one do my paper common secret: If you take care of your customer, success will follow. Despite most companies’ claim that they are customer-centered, most organizational structures are, in fact, product-driven.

But times are changing. This specialization examines the paradigm shift in business assumptions about the customer and enables you to implement important structural changes designed to meet the needs of your organizations customers – both external and internal. You also will gain highly relevant and valued practical knowledge on positive leadership and how it functions in relation to the customer.

Ideal for business students and busy communications professionals who want to establish their own consultancy or small business, this degree program offers you the opportunity to pay for essay learn theory and best practices and apply them to your own professional environment. Others who will find this degree valuable are potential entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, new business developers and directors who wish to develop in this direction.

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