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How to come up with and develop interesting characters


Choose a distinctive pose for the character. Posture and posture can tell a lot about a character. Think about it with personality and purpose in mind. Try to imagine a silhouette of the character. This will help you make your first sketch.

For example, pay for paper Alice is standing up straight, her hand resting on her hip, her nose turned upward.

Trixie's gaze is down and to the side. Her hands are pressed to her chest, as if she's hiding something.


Create several sketches to choose the look you want. Quickly write my capstone paper for me sketch the main view. Make several sketches to try on different details and angles. Consider the options and choose your preferred look.

Sketching will also help you warm up before the main work.

Don't think about mistakes. Sketches can look sloppy and should not have a finished look.

Tip: Draw the character from different angles to consider several options.


Choose clothing and accessories that match the character's personality. The outfit complements the performance. Choose the type of clothing, color, and accessories. Think about how the character prefers to dress and then create an appropriate outfit.

For example, college homework help Alice can wear fluttering dresses because she considers them witchy, as in the case of dark colors. She may prefer an old locket with a portrait of her grandmother as accessories.

Trixie may prefer modern clothing, as she does not follow tradition. She also chooses bright colors to appear happy, although in fact she does not. As accessories, she opts for a foxy bag, which used to be her pet.

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