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We provide online mixing and mastering. Why online? Well, to begin with, we are closer than any recording studio on the market – right on your own phone or computer. This permits us to shorten how to autotune our turnaround time without affecting the grade of our work. And secondly, in today's era of digitization, it is far more convenient to fix all issues without leaving home!Our main requirement is that the engineer should have extensive experience working with large pro-level commercial projects. Only engineers of such caliber can guarantee the greatest quality sound and, most of all, the very best professional service.We greatly value and respect our clients, and our primary goal is to improve the recording amount of an artist up a degree into the professional realm. We could also assistance with the search for a sound, and developing your very own uniquely-recognizable style. After all, every success of our artist's can also be a success for ourselves! Therefore, in parallel, we develop artists as we develop ourselves.


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